The QM4YS 28 Multimedia Foundation Course. Take control of your life in only 10 minutes a day.






Have you ever seen a dog chasing a car down the street while it tries to bite its tyres? Most of us live our lives like that! Something good happens and we feel happy, while something bad happens and we feel sad. For most of us, and for most of the time, our emotional life is the product of the accidents in our lives.

Have you ever wanted to take back control of your life?

We have been brainwashed into believing that ‘stuff’ will make us happy!


If this were true then the celebrities, the rich and the famous should be the happiest people on the planet but they’re not!

Have you ever wanted to find long-term happiness and fulfilment?

The QM4YS Foundation Course is designed to help you wake up to reality. Discover how to become the cause and not the effect of your life. Learn to feel  the arising of human suffering and overcome it.

Wake up to the real you and learn how to finally get out of your own way!

Course Includes:

  • Course Calendar
  • Course Manual with illustrations
  • Daily personal Journal
  • Course Workbook including essential exercises
  • Course Meditation Manual (Complete step-by-step beginner’s guide)
  • Course Questionnaires to help focus your thinking
  • Four Video lectures


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