Depression, Family, Sadness

When you feel that the world would be better off without you

It’s not that you want to die, it’s just the feeling that you don’t want to go on as you!

┬áRelax! Here is the solution to your problem and it starts with a question: “Where is this self that the world would be better off without?”

Is your ‘self’ in your arms and legs? You could lose those and still be you, so not there then!

How about in your heart?

Is your ‘self’ in your heart?

People have those changed in hospitals every day so it can’t be there?

Maybe it’s in your brain? Unfortunately people have brain damage but are they still themselves? Most would say they are! Psychiatry is catching up with quantum physics and now suggests that the mind is not held in the brain. It now looks like the brain is just some kind of spiritual transformer. So if your ‘self’ is not in any of those things, what would the world be better off without?

Where is your ‘self’ that we could afford to lose it?

Maybe the ‘self’ is just an idea? I know that sounds crazy but work with me for a minute.

Your suffering is a reaction to life based on the sum of your past, how you feel about that past and your expectations for your future. You could change any one of those three things and you wouldn’t be feeling the way that you do.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are being led into a room where you will enjoy a private romantic dinner with the person of your dreams. You feel a warm wet touch on your cheek! Of course your heart would think it a kiss. How would you feel?

Now imagine that the world has ended and zombies have taken over. You’re starving and you have to descend into a dark cellar looking for food. Your flashlight fails! You are in pitch darkness. You feel a warm wet touch on your cheek. How would you feel?

Same stimulus but your reaction is determined by your belief.

Realise that the feeling that the world would be better off without you is just a phantom created by your idea of yourself.

There is you that exists beneath your idea of yourself. It is the reason you are reading this and it is the reason I am writing this letter to you now, we are connected. But, you won’t see this until you can let your idea of yourself go.

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