carosel, Meditation

What Meditation Is

“Nothing’s happening! I must be doing it wrong?” It’s your first day in a meditation class. You carefully open one eye to see if anyone has started levitating without you. Everyone is firmly rooted to the gym floor but there’s something ‘otherworldly’ about them – they look ‘absorbed’. You feel alone and a little jealous,… Read More What Meditation Is

Family, Relationships

Feeling Triggered Yet?

When is it ok to be offensive? Most of us condemn bullying and violence. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly socially acceptable to react with aggression to anyone who has opinions, we believe, are forbidden by our segment of society.  When we are ‘Triggered’ our reaction to someone, or something else, becomes the justification for our own aggression and violence. This… Read More Feeling Triggered Yet?

Depression, Sadness

What is Depression?

Sometimes insanity is the only sane response to an insane world. There may be a reason why you feel depressed but if there is, you don’t have ‘Depression’ with a capital ‘D’, so be happy! Because you’re just ‘sad’ and that’s fine or so I’m told! The bad news is that ‘Depression’ is so much… Read More What is Depression?